Sky Chasers (Emma Carroll) Book Review [4.5 Stars]

Reaching for the stars!


What is the greatest prize an avid reader can receive. Getting a book published? That has to be up there. Not having to write it? That would be the pinnacle of greatness. Sky Chasers by Emma Carroll is the book that used the idea of the winner of the Big Idea 2014 competition. We had to wait 3 years for this book but it turns out it was worth the wait.

Magpie is an orphan. She picks pockets. She does criminal errands. One day, a woman called Madame Delacroix gives her a job for 5 gold coins. She has to steal a box from a house, not knowing what’s in it. However, she gets caught in the act and has to run off with only some of the contents. Papers. Lots, and lots of papers. The rest, they say, is history.

This book is very well written and meshes fact and fiction almost perfectly. In fact, I didn’t find out what was true until the very end, where it summarises the true story. The characters are unique, and none are perfect, but none are fully evil either. It is this mix of good and bad in each character that makes you care about them, and this is why I rate this book so highly.

Overall there are very few flaws in this brilliant example of modern literature. It is certainly a good read and can be enjoyed by both children and adults.

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4.5 Stars

The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13 3/4 (Sue Townsend) Book Review [5 Stars]

Humour is a a writing trick that many have tried to use and failed. It’s easy to make a funny (albeit sometimes unnecessary) joke in the middle of a book but sustaining that humour is much harder. Sue Townsend has pulled this off and showed that she is one of few that have this magnificent talent. In ‘The Secret Diary’ Townsend makes Adrian Mole naturally funny, and portrays him as as a character who has no idea he is who even has an ounce of humour in him.

Adrian Mole thinks of himself as an intellectual who is misunderstood and underrated. He also has his own love life, and some things he wants to keep secret. This is very well represented throughout the book where Adrian Mole sends his poems to the BBC, hoping for a reply. He is quite brutal towards some people, while often failing to realise when he is at fault.

Despite being written as the diary of a teenager, the book is actually very well written throughout and takes on a unique writing style that makes the book fun at all times. Even though this book was written in 1982 it is still very understandable and most of the jokes still make sense.

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5 Stars

Ask An Astronaut by Tim Peake [Book Review] (5 stars)

Many people dream of becoming an astronaut but there aren’t enough books for wannabe astronauts out there. This is why it is so good that the first ever British astronaut has written a book.

AAA is not a autobiography. It’s a book purely created to answer questions and a good at that. It provides a good insight into the life of an astronaut with serious and silly stuff included. It provides 250 pages which give you a really good insight into astronaut life, everything included.

The brilliant thing about this book is that it never fails to be interesting even when explaining stuff like microgravity. It manages to cover everything in such immaculate detail that you feel like you know everything about space.

Kids and adults alike will love this book for it’s constantly interesting information. A must buy. *Robin Recommends* 5 Stars

Young Bond: Blood Fever Book Review

Charlie Higson is a brilliant author. Young Bond is an example of that. The series has been very enjoyable to read and is of a high standard. 

The second book in the series, Blood Fever is an action filled spy story that will please young minds from the age of 9+ and adults too. Slightly gory, and very similar to the Alex Rider books, this book was a brilliant read!90% 

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To read my review of SilverFin, the first book in the series click here.

Lego Batman Movie Film Review

When the Lego Batman Movie was announced, a lot of people had already seen the Lego Movie, and because of that Lego Batman had a lot to live up to. Gotham City is the most crime ridden city in the world and the film starts with the Joker trying to take over the city. As usual, Batman saves the city, but when he arrives at home, he feels lonely. He then (accidentally) adopts a child named Dick. This is the start of the Batman and Robin duo.

 As punny as ever, the Lego Batman Movie is good for laugh. The on downside is the the storyline is a bit twisted and confusing at points. Apart from that, the Lego Batman Movie excels in almost every area.91%

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Eagle Strike Book Review

The fourth book in a series is often where a book series goes downhill, but Eagle Strike strives to completely ignore that fact and remains a very good book. Every time in a Alex Rider book there is more at stake, and it is starting to get to a point where there couldn’t be more at stake. However, it is another action filled Alex Rider book, which includes a surprising revelation from Alex near the end of the book. Anthony Horowitz has done well.

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Score: 92%                                                                

Price: £5.99 (Amazon)

Better Than: Artemis Fowl and the Atlantis Complex (71%)

Worse Than: Skeleton Key (93%)

WordPress App Review

You can blog offline!?

I spent a couple of nights away from home recently, and I went on the WordPress app, and expected it to come up with the annoying message that says, ‘Connect to the internet for this app to work’. Instead, I was actually able to edit my posts. Of course, there were limitations to what I could do. I was unable to publish any reviews or read any of your comments but this is the kind of feature that helps when you go on holiday abroad.

It is a very slick app, and is by far the best app for blogging. It may take you a bit of  time to get used the the different layout but this app is brilliant!

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5 stars