Avengers: Infinity War (Marvel Studios) Film Review [3.5 Stars]

Do too many superheroes spoil the broth?


Each Marvel story seems to lead this point in time and space where Thanos takes over. There are many Infinity Stones throughout the films. Many we didn’t know were Infinity Stones. You’ll find all the superheros here (almost every one; Ant Man and Wasp Girl have faced a surprising omission) in a fight for the coveted stones.

The Guardians of the Galaxy is where the Infinity Stones are most apparent, but Marvel seems to have had a need to chuck in as many supers as possible; however to many cooks spoil the broth. You’ll find that throughout the film, you’ll never find everybody in one shot. Never. There seem to be 2 fights happening, leading the film into the almost inevitable trap of being a bit disjointed.

However, if you overlook this, you’ll see what Marvel do best. The action scenes in this film are exquisite and there is and there is a good deal of emotion shown from the characters on both sides. There aren’t as many cliches as you normally see in a Marvel film, making it a fresh and refreshing experience.

This film seems to have been affected to much by the others, and leaves some of the superheroes in a state of ruin. Some characters seem past their best when it comes to delivering entertainment and it isn’t helped by Infinity Wars’s complicated plot. This is a Marvel film where everything isn’t as good as it used to be.

3.5 Stars

Early Man (Aardman Animation) Film Review

This film is not the kind of film to see if you want to learn something about the Stone Age, instead Aardman have created a film more suited to some light entertainment. Early Man never really shoots into the sky in terms of humour, which as you can see throughout the film, Aardman were relying on the film being funny.

The biggest surprise in Early Man is the football element, which is where the film falls short. It is incredibly clichéd because of this element, and the storyline becomes extremely predictable to the post where it almost gets boring. It’s kind of sad because of how well Aardman actually portray the character, each with their own personality.

The characters that film focuses on are a Stone Age tribe living in a lush green valley, slap bang in the middle of the Stone Age. Their ancestors used to play a game called ‘football’ and they have to beat a team called ‘Real Bronzio’ to save their valley.

This film flourishes where it succeeds, but flounders where it doesn’t.


Diary of a Wimpy Kid Movie Diary: Part 2: The Long Haul | Book Review [3 stars]

Let me get this straight. This is not a pure non-fiction book. It’s a journal about filming the relatively new DoWK film that came out recently. And that’s the beauty of it. So how can this only merit 3 stars? Because it hasn’t got the content (and totally ruins the magic of the film).

For a book that is 200 pages long it seriously lacks in content. There are probably around 70 pages worth of pictures and the rest of it can be done with in an hour. Before you point out that I’m a very fast reader there are no thinking points in this book at all. This is where it makes it’s big mistake because in the end it boils down to an informal recount with some jokes in it.

Saying that it is pretty good at showing how the film was made but unless you have watched the film and read the book there is no point in reading this at all. 3 Stars.

Lego Batman Movie Film Review

When the Lego Batman Movie was announced, a lot of people had already seen the Lego Movie, and because of that Lego Batman had a lot to live up to. Gotham City is the most crime ridden city in the world and the film starts with the Joker trying to take over the city. As usual, Batman saves the city, but when he arrives at home, he feels lonely. He then (accidentally) adopts a child named Dick. This is the start of the Batman and Robin duo.

 As punny as ever, the Lego Batman Movie is good for laugh. The on downside is the the storyline is a bit twisted and confusing at points. Apart from that, the Lego Batman Movie excels in almost every area.91%

*Robin Recommends*

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Film review

I’ll write this review, then wait for the next GOTG film comes out!

The Guardians of the Galaxy may be heroes, but they certainly aren’t role models. Take Rocket for example, the Guardians are entrusted with the task of defending some batteries and Rocket steals them.

The graphics on this are brilliant. Marvel have managed to get this to a point where it looks real, but unreal. Add the sound effects in and you’re halfway to getting a perfect film.
The characteristics and personalities displayed in this film are just an example of how Marvel Studios can hand-craft and hand-pick brilliant characters for brilliant movies. The contrast of certain characters mixed with their similarities and differences created a brilliant cast, and in my opinion the best thing about this film.
Baby Groot is really funny. This character is the character that holds the film together and provides a good laugh.
The story is very different from the first film, as they face just one main bad guy. This is probably the second biggest difference ( first being that Groot is now Baby Groot after events in the last film ) in a very unchanged film franchise.
*Robin Recommends*

5 stars