Doctor Kawashima’s Devilish Brain Training Preview

Why am I doing a preview of a game that was released five years ago? Because it’s happened again. Nintendo release a game in Japan, and then decide to let everyone else play it. But 5 years, that’s just ridiculous! Why have I played the demo? I like puzzles and stuff but the worry with this is that it will feel outdated and not up to the the high standards it needs to be at.

The first thing that I notice is how the lip-sync is out of time and barely resembles the words that are being said. Another problem is that it takes Kawashima 10 minutes to explain the rules of one game before you even play it. The game (Devilish Calculations) requires you to answer the questions that are asked before the question you are at, and is more about memory than the actual problem solving.

Nintendo will have to convince me (among other people) that this is worth buying.



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