Young Bond: Blood Fever Book Review

Charlie Higson is a brilliant author. Young Bond is an example of that. The series has been very enjoyable to read and is of a high standard. 

The second book in the series, Blood Fever is an action filled spy story that will please young minds from the age of 9+ and adults too. Slightly gory, and very similar to the Alex Rider books, this book was a brilliant read!90% 

*Robin Recommends*

To read my review of SilverFin, the first book in the series click here.


2 thoughts on “Young Bond: Blood Fever Book Review”

  1. I reviewed this book 11 years ago!!

    ‘Bloodfever’ is the second in the series of Young Bond books and immediately it benefits from the characters already being introduced. Gone is the tedious section at Eton in ‘Silverfin’ and instead we soon jump into the action.

    Bond has gone on a school trip to Sardinia where he meets a strange egomaniac who has built his own city in the mountains. Is Ugo a benevolent leader or does his criminal past suggest that he could be the killer many suspect?

    This book is very fast paced and does not have a storyline, as such, but a series of well paced set pieces. Young James is a hero already and you do route for him to save the day. I can imagine for teenagers that this would be an excellent and exciting read.

    However, a warning for younger readers, it is a more gruesome book than you may expect with many scenes of violence hinted at. I for one feel that this is scarier as my imagination can create more horrors than an author can write.

    Due to the lack of real story I can only give this an average mark but if Higson continues in the upwards fashion that he is, I am looking forward to the next installment of Young Bond.


    1. The series is a good one, they are even good when Higson went off to write other books. Shoot to Kill is a later book and still good.


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