Magikarp Jump App Review

Magikarp is known for being totally pathetic and extremely weak in battle, but Nintendo’s latest app put Magikarp in the limelight. Magikarp Jump explores Magikarp’s only good quality, it’s jumping skills, and challenges players to take on leauges, where two trainers will face off to see whose Magikarp can jump the highest.

On the surface Magikarp Jump seems to be a simple game, but as you delve deeper you find a certain complexity to the app. The leauges aren’t just a matter of who can tap the screen the most times, instead it is a matter of manually training your Magikarp until you think it is good enough to take on the leauge. As you progress in the game you will be able to raise your Magikarp further and fish up rarer patterns, before unlocking more methods to train, feed and level up your Magikarp.

The first part of game is pretty enjoyable, but you will soon get tired of having to constantly grind  to level up; eventually it just gets boring.73%


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