Lego Batman Movie Film Review

When the Lego Batman Movie was announced, a lot of people had already seen the Lego Movie, and because of that Lego Batman had a lot to live up to. Gotham City is the most crime ridden city in the world and the film starts with the Joker trying to take over the city. As usual, Batman saves the city, but when he arrives at home, he feels lonely. He then (accidentally) adopts a child named Dick. This is the start of the Batman and Robin duo.

 As punny as ever, the Lego Batman Movie is good for laugh. The on downside is the the storyline is a bit twisted and confusing at points. Apart from that, the Lego Batman Movie excels in almost every area.91%

*Robin Recommends*


2 thoughts on “Lego Batman Movie Film Review”

  1. Genevieve and I saw this and I actually thought that it was more suited to me as a longtime fan of Batman. There are loads on in jokes for the over 30s!


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